work out!

You can find the Basement Gym in house 20. Go down the stairs and then open the door to your right. You ask who has the keys by sending a mail to


For everything to run smoothly, you have to follow some rules. The more care you take of the room and the equipment, the more everyone benefits from it.

Get the key just before your training and return it right away.

Leave the room clean and tidy.

Reduce the weights you put on the equipment after your session.


Welcome to the fitness room:

Whether yoga, cardio or weight training, you are in the right place!

Come in, put down your clothes and get going.

Entrance room: Rowing machine and weight bench with a support for arm training.

Main room: weight bench with barbell rack, a high bar with rope pull system for various exercises, chin-up bar and multi press. For dumbbell exercises there is a large tournament bar (20kg), a small barbell (10kg), several SZ bars (7.5kg), fixed hexa dumbbells (6-25kg), variable dumbbell bars and kettlebells (4-20kg pairs). On top: Wall bars with bench, high bar, floor exercise mat and various small items such as blackroll, stepper, jump rope etc.

In the cardio room there are medicine balls, a box dummy, an Assault Airbike, an ergometer, a stepper and a floor exercise mat.

Interested? Write us, the gym team, an email, get a key and get going.