Moving In

You can read about everything you need to know about moving in on the page for newcomers.

Life in the Residence

With your key you can open the gate to the parking lot. To leave it, no key is necessary as the gate opens automatically.

The parking lot is dedicated to the residents and their visitors. Parking spaces with the Generali‘s sign cannot be taken.

The trash cage is on the parking lot to the supermarkets’ side. You can open it with your key. Do not forget to close it again.


The MAC address lets us identify every device in the network. Because we are required to block unknown devices and do not yet recognize your new device, we will block you.
We can replace your old device’s entry with the new one. Just send us your new MAC address per email with which we should replace the old one. How to determine your MAC address is described on our help page for the internet.

Instructions on how to find your MAC address are on our help page for the internet.