User Administration

Each residents receives a user account that allows for access to the internet and management of the resident’s eMails. We write down your username on the sheet that we give to you upon your registration. It is in the shape of firstname.lastname.

The database is updated every 15 minutes. This means that it can take a while until all changes become active.

MAC Address

Because of the RWTH’s network’s terms and conditions, we need to be able to trace who sent what data through the network. With a MAC address we can make sure that it is really you who sends and receives data.

If you suddenly use another device that has a different MAC address than the one we have unlocked for you, then we have to block your access. It is however enough to send us a mail stating the new MAC address. Such a MAC address has for example the shape of 03:A8:F7:02:33:2A. Please note that this MAC address relates to your device’s connection: For each the cable and the wireless connections your device will have a different MAC address.

  1. Start the console by opening the start menu and typing cmd.
  2. Execute getmac /v by typing it and pressing enter.
  3. The MAC addresses are listed under Phys. Address. If your computer is connected via cable, the row Ethernet is important. In case of WiFi, the row with WLAN.
  1. Open the system settings.
  2. Type Ethernet ID into the search in case of cable, or AirPort ID for WiFi.
  3. In the search results, the MAC address is listed as Ethernet-ID or AirPort-ID respectively.
  1. Open the settings.
  2. Select the General section.
  3. The MAC address is listed under Wi-Fi-Address.
  1. Open the settings.
  2. At the bottom, select the section About the phone.
  3. Select the subsection Status.
  4. The MAC address is listed as WLAN-MAC-Address.


In order to use the WiFi, you have to register your devices in our meeting. You need to provide the MAC addresses of all the devices you want to use the WiFi with. Furthermore, you will set a WiFi password which has to be different from the one for your user account.


All the residence’s important news will be sent by eMail to the residents. Every resident has their own MMWeg eMail account, but you can forward all your eMails to your existing address. It is important that you receive these mails and read them.

If instead of the forwarding you would like to use the dedicated MMWeg account, you have two options to read your eMails. You can use the webmail client (webmail.mmweg.rwth‑ or use the account with an eMail client like Thunderbird.

Incoming server

eMail addresse
Username firstname.lastname
Password The password you set during your registration.
Encryption Password / Plain
Port 143 (STARTTLS)

Outgoing server

eMail addresse
Username firstname.lastname
Password The password you set by your registration.
Encryption Unencrypted
Port 25 (Keine Sicherheit)


You couldn’t solve the problem or your question wasn’t answered?

Write us a mail at netz‑ag@mmweg.rwth‑ Please take into account that we spend our free time to keep everything running and give you support. This means that it can take a while before we answer you.