After you’ve applied successfully, you still have some things to do.

Before moving in


Prior to signing your rental agreement, you have to do the following:

First, you need a “Wohnberechtigungsschein” (note of eligibility for residence), because the rent in this dormitory is subsidized. You can request one at the “Amt für Wohnhungswesen” (department of housing) which is located at Hackländer Straße 1.

Take this note to the “Studierendenwerk” (student collective) which resides at Pontwall 3. In order to sign the rent agreement, you will additionally need to provide proof that you have made the deposit of two month’s rent.

In case you need to register as a resident of Aachen, note that you need a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung which is to be filled out by the Studierendenwerk. This document will be signed by the Studierendenwerk at the earliest one week before the start of the rent, as established by the contract.


If you do not want to find yourself in front of a closed door, you should make an appointment with the caretaker for the hand-over of the keys.

This key gives you access to the parking lot. The caretaker can also provide you with a key for the gates, allowing you to drive onto the compound.

Even more bureaucracy

You need to purchase electricity and pay the Rundfunkbeitrag. If you’re sharing the flat, maybe your flatmates have already taken care of both of these. Ask them, to be sure.

For electricity, you need to actively register with a supplier. You can choose any supplier that you like. You’ll be taken through the registration process by them.

The service that collects the Rundfunkbeitrag will usually send you mail after you’ve registered as an Aachener resident. The details of how that works will be explained in that letter.

At the residence


To gain access to the residence’s services, you need to register as a member of the association Gebrannte Mühle. This is currently only possible by writing an e-mail to

If you have questions, write a mail to


For access to the internet, you need to write an e-mail to

Please also send your rental agreement, so that we can check your room number.

If you have any questions, have a look at the help or write a mail to


You can wash your clothes in house 11 or in house 18. Both have a basement with washers and dryers.

Using the washer costs 1,50€, the dryer costs 1€. You pay via your BlueCard or FH-Card at a terminal. Just choose your washer, hold your card up to the terminal and don’t forget to start the machine!

House 11 is ruled after the right of the fittest earliest. Just check if there is an empty machine and use it. House 18 is strictly german organized and you just enter your name in a list to book a time slot.

Important Services

Each semester, the “Mühle” organizes a “Neueinzieherparty” (newcomers’ party). Check the Facebook page for the date! You will be taken on a fun tour (including beer) around the residence and have a chance to meet other newcomers.

Furthermore, the residence offers honorary clubs that offer you services and in which you are encouraged to participate.