Gebrannte Mühle

Welcome to the most beautiful student dormitory in Aachen! As you can see on the map our 15 houses are located right between the park named Hangeweiher and two supermarkets. With just a few steps you can fetch a fresh bun from the bakery and sit down on a bench to watch the ducks on the pond.

Translated into english, the name of our dormitory would be “burned mill”. There are several legends around an old mill. Maybe they burned bricks there. Maybe the mill itself was burning…

Green everywhere

When you’ve been sitting inside your room for long enough you can just sit down outside instead. The area offers a lot of green and is perfectly fit to enjoy every sunny day in rainy Aachen.

Just across the street, to the south, you can find the park Hangeweiher with a large pond on which you can cruise with swanlike paddleboats. The park also offers the only open air swimming pool of the whole city.

different clubs and services

Die Mühle

"Die Mühle" (the mill) is our dormitory's pub. Every thursday it's open to you and your friends. The Mühlenteam organizes spacial events every now and then.

Net Club

The "Netz AG" (net club) not only helps you when the internet isn't working. The voluntary members are involved in and can help you with exciting projects...

Basement Gym

In the dormitory's own "Fitnesskeller" (basement gym) you can work out and tone your body. There are all kinds of equipment, but no more excuses!

Pond Club

Do you hear that relaxing sound in the corner? It's the pond—equipped with fish and seating—which we can enjoy thanks to the "Teich AG" (pond club).

Game Club

Wether you want to try a new board game with friends or play volleyball in the park, the "Spieleverleih" (game club) will surely have some secret hints.

Tool Club

For most building, repairing or destruction projects you can borrow the necessary tools from the "Werkzeug AG" (tool club).

Projector Rental

For a small price you can borrow a projector. Watch your favourite movie once more with friends and in a larger format!

Table Supply

If your room feels claustrophobic, move the party outside and set up a "Biertisch" ("beer table", a foldable table)!

Living info

Our dormitory has more than 250 rooms divided into 4 categories:

  • Apartements
  • shared apartments with 3 rooms
  • Family apartments for students with children
  • Handicapped accessible flats

No matter if you prefer to do everything yourself of if you’d rather live with others; the dormitory offers different ways to live of which you can choose one.

Apply now!

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